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Discount Health Plans

The cost of providing health insurance and covering your family, has risen drastically over the past few years. Employers, now matter how big their companies, are finding it harder and harder to provide their employees with health cover as a perk of the job. This is why it has become more commonplace in the recent years for the employee to pay a certain percentage of the cost of the cover if they wish to have it, or in some cases pay for 100% of the costs themselves.

A way employers have been combating this issue, is by unfortunately reducing the number of new employees that they take on, in order to save money from the amount of health cover plans that they would have otherwise had to pay out for.

If this has happened to you and your company no longer provides you with health cover, then you will either have to buy some, often expensive, medical care, or make do without.
The latter is often the most popular as unfortunately the price of this cover is more than most families can afford, their budget simply does not stretch. If you do not earn enough to be able to afford the health cover, or cannot get government aid if you earn a low income, then unfortunately your stuck in the middle.

Thankfully there are discount health plans that can be opted for. But what do they cover and how can they help you ?

These discount plans provide much needed savings on dental and medical care and can even be used for more elaborate things, such as cosmetic surgery.
Savings can range from 25% to 80%, with the large end of savings being great for businesses who wish to bulk buy cover for all of their workforce.

When looking for a cover plan, you should look for healthcare and dental care in being covered. There are a wide range of discount health plan companies out there, such as

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