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If you do a search on the internet for healthy recipes, you will quickly be given a search of many results, this can become over-whelming for many reasons.

You may not have some of the ingredients in order to make the meals listed, or the ingredients maybe to costly, or you or whoever your making the meal for simply may not like some of the ingredients listed. All of the things can add up to an unpleasurable and confusing search experience.

From my own experience I have had to trawl through many websites and recipes in order to really find a few that met my criteria.

My time is precious, as I am sure yours is too, so if I need to find something, then it needs to be done fairly quickly. But unfortunately alot of searching still needs to be done, but what I do is to scan the recipe and then filter the one's that I do not consider to be a healthy meal.

Here is what I look for in the recipe when I do this -

- The recipe listed needs to have a good amount of mixed vegetables included.

- The recipe needs to have some kind of protein included in it. This may include lean meat, beans or fish.

- There also needs to be a form of carbohydrates included in the meal, this could be brown rice or potatoes.

Whole wheat foods, particularly bread, rice and pasta are healthier choices than their white alternatives. Also a green salad is a much more healthier choice and should be preferred.

If you are a vegetarian, the best thing to look for in a recipe is an adequate source of protein. One particular thing to eat instead of meat would be soya beans.

To conclude, as I am sure you have seen for yourself by now, there is an awful lot of information available to you. Trying to find "the best" recipe will indeed take alot of time. If you are cooking for other people or your family, then you must be prepared to make some changes until you all like the dish. What you like may not be what everybody else likes.

Once you have found a few ideal recipes, then the searching online or in books, as well as the experimenting in the kitchen will have a positive effect on your body, which is our main aim.

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