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Unfortunately, the rate of obesity amongst kids in this day and age is an alarming one, forever rising as our youngsters live less active and healthier lives.

So as a parent, just what can you do in order to stop your child becoming obese ?

One of the first and foremost things to do is to live an active and healthy lifestyle yourself, how can you expect to bring up a healthy child if you as a parent are completely, or nearly, the opposite. Kids look up to their parents, they take in alot and there is no trying to trick them, unfortunately some parents tell their children to eat certainty types of food or take certain exercise, not doing the same themselves.
Children are not stupid, they are very susceptible at an early age and can pick up on this.

The second thing is to make sure you teach your child about healthy eating and activity, from an early age. Ingrain in them early on and you will see the benefits as they grow up. They will then be able to make these healthier choices on their own. This will also save you alot of begging and bargaining when you want your child to eat their vegetables.

The third thing is to actually eat with your child. Sadly the increasing trend is to eat infront of the television, or at separate times to when the children eat, the whole dining-table eating experience has been neglected. This will also allow you to monitor your child's eating habits, aswell as teaching them the importance of a leisurely, relaxing meal time.

The fourth thing to take note of is your child's activity levels. In this day and age some parents prefer to protect their children from "the big bad world" and would much prefer to keep them inside, wrapped up in cotton wall.
This does nothing to help your child's activity levels. Children have a lot of energy, as any parent will tell you ! Keeping them in front of the television for example is only going to turn that energy into fat. Try to encourage activity, fun play, or even sports.

Finally, help your child to socially interact with other children.
This will help to develop their social skills, along with keeping them active as they play with their friends. A great way to do this is to meet up with other parents, particularly the mothers on a weekday and arrange a play date. Not only will this give you a chance to get out of the house and to meet other parents who are in the same position as you are, but your child will really benefit from this new regular playing.

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