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Health does not mean not being ill, no discomfort, or feeling well. Instead it refers to the things we do in order to keep ourselves healthy. So why are many people using prescribed medication from doctors for all of their diseases and illnesses ?

What I am trying to get at is doctors, nurses and health professionals, are not used by healthy people, but only by the sick or suffering. So why are they called health professionals, what's professional in giving someone a pill, but not making sure that they start to live their lives more healthily and reduce the possibility or returning to the doctors again ?

Also, doctors are trained to treat illnesses, not to deal with the cause of such illnesses.
In this day and age, people take their pills, get an injection, drink the powder in warm water, for just about everything. If health was a natural process, then doctors would only be needed to treat broken bones, or more emergency procedures.

It is rather like when your car runs out of petrol, instead of putting some petrol in to fix the problem, what if you could somehow get rid of the petrol light completely, without the risk of the engine ceasing up. To link this back to health, what if instead of taking a paracetamol when you have a headache, to get rid of the headache, you could simply stop the headache coming ?

Prevention, not cure.

Natural health is only natural if it is the way we live our lives. Things from the natural world, that are not modified, or added to in any way. Literally nothing covers this these days, everything has been processed or added to in some way.

Your health depends on what you eat, so why not eat naturally, avoiding less processed foods and drinks. When we get ill as well, let's try not to put all those chemically made medications into our bodies, when there are alot more healthier and natural options to opt for.

Maybe, as knowledge increases, we can all start to go back to the older healthier ways.

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